Egos at the Door

Published in Programming / Personal - 2 mins to read

Today was another perfect example of why having an ego and being a programmer seem completely incompatible. This site is built only really using HTML and CSS - admittedly there is some templating and preprocessing done with Sass/Liquid etc - but it should still be easy enough.

I spent maybe two hours today staring at the mobile styling for this page. I had a regular desktop browser set to 375px wide, but everything was too small, and the DOM elements were telling me that there were bigger than they demonstrably were. console.log(screen.width); returned 375px - what we'd expect. console.log(document.querySelector('body').screenWidth); however, returned 980px, despite it clearly being visually less than the width of the device. I even hooked up an old android phone to my PC and installed developer options by tapping the build number 7 times. I had no joy whatsoever. What. The. Fuck.

Except not really what the fuck, because anyone who would so brazenly call themselves a web developer, as I have, would know that the first thing to check would be whether or not a meta value had been set for the viewport. I'm a clown.

At least I am a clown who learned something, and I suspect this is the last time I make this mistake again - at the very least I hope it is the last time I waste nearly 2 hours trying to correct it. The relief when I could finally get media queries working correctly was palpable.