Enhanced Passive Followup

Published in COVID19 - 1 min to read

After two days of negative lateral flow tests, I am now in what the local authorities are calling “enhanced passive followup”, which, blissfully, means I am finally allowed to leave the house again, albeit with an extensive list of caveats. I’m not allowed indoors anywhere apart from to buy essential food, but at least I can get some fresh air and exercise.

With that being said, my run today was a bit of a disaster, and despite being asymptomatic for the virus, my respiratory system seems to be either feeling its effects, or hopefully just feeling the effects of a week in bed where my heart rate has never peaked above 100. My friends are all rather understandably reluctant to see me, even if only for a walk outside, so it looks like both my social and exercise aspirations for this trip home are going to be left unment.

Most of all I am just really, really looking forward to being back in London.