Fiction and Escapism

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So far in lockdown, I’ve done a pretty good job of reading regularly, a new habit I’m trying to build. I think spending my entire working day at my computer helps a lot; my desire to continue to sit in the same place for the duration of the evening too is minimal. While I’d planned to alternate fiction and non-fiction to meet my reading goals for the year, so far I am absolutely loving the escapism provided by the fiction I’ve been reading (and also, maybe having a reading goal for the year is dumb - not everything in my life has to be some kind of challenge, or come with a target). I’ve usually sought escapism in video games, which is why I tell myself I’ve spent so much of my life playing them and not sloth, but now I have to use an iota of imagination while reading, I am enjoying it. Like I said yesterday, getting to briefly inhabit a different place, time, body and mind is a pretty incredibly experience. I wish I’d made a habit of reading sooner in life.