Flight Refunds

Published in COVID19 - 1 min to read

This Friday I was due to Argentina, and naturally, it has been cancelled. The carrier was British Airways and as far as I can tell, they are obligated by EU law to offer me a full refund.

Except they’ve removed that option from their website, offering a credit voucher instead, and you have to phone them up in order to get your cash.

Except that every time you phone them up, they bounce you through various unskippable automated steps, before finally telling you that they’re unable to take your call for one reason or another.

I understand that it’s a bad time to be an airline, and part of the reason they’re using these scummy tactics is to allow them to continue to be able to retain and pay their stuff. But for the end customer, it still makes an already shit situation of their holiday being cancelled infinitely shittier. It’s also the first experience that has made me hope and want for some kind of meaningful change to the way we do business to come about as a result of the pandemic.