Food is Food for the Soul

Published in Food and Drink - 1 min to read

A couple of my coworkers have started drinking Huel as part of their diet, and for a while I seriously considered joining them. It seems like a way to regulate my caloric intake with relatively little mental effort required, and I still haven’t broken the habit of thinking that my self esteem is inversely proportional to my weight. After giving it some thought, I rejected the idea; life is far, far too short not to eat food. Even if in many ways I have an unhealthy relationship with food, that doesn’t mean that all of it is impure, unthinking and devoid of wholesomeness - perhaps recognising those moments and leaning into them more could even be a catalyst for better overall eating patterns?

Anyway, this post is really just my way of trying to justify to myself that I’ve been out for breakfast and lunch already today, and I’m going out for dinner later. I’m not even sorry.