Guns Akimbo Review

Published in Film and TV - 1 min to read

After presumably having made more money than one human being could ever spend in a lifetime, Daniel Radcliffe seems to have decided that he is only going to do ridiculous, goofy, bad movies that are entertaining to him, and frankly, I think that’s great. Guns Akimbo certainly satisfies all three of those adjectives. The writing is bad, and whenever it appears to err into self-awareness, it course-corrects back to obliviousness near instantaneously. I’m almost certain it employs the exact plot to at least seven other movies. To its credit, some of the VFX and sound is pretty good, and Radcliffe’s performance just about makes it hang together. Oh, and it has Rhys Darby in.

If you love bad movies, and even moreso bad movies with Daniel Radcliffe in (a niche that is rapidly growing) then you’ll love Guns Akimbo. Objectively; 3/10. Subjectively; 7/10

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