I Miss Lockdown

Published in Personal - 1 min to read

I know that for most people, lockdown was brutal, a time when trying to stay mentally and physically healthy felt like a full-time job, if indeed it were possible at all. In light of that, perhaps it’s insensitive for me to say “I miss lockdown”, and I should more accurately say “I miss how I felt during lockdown”, but hopefully you get the point. I felt so peaceful throughout our second period of restrictions, and now I decidedly don’t. Part of it is surely the anxieties and stresses of trying to move, but still, it was lovely when all I had to worry about was eating, working, running, reading and sleeping. It seems that all the other moving parts in my life are fully back in action and taking up time and energy that I’d rather not give them.

Hopefully when I get to London, I can re-invent myself as a peaceful person once again; to start with as simple a life as possible, just doing the basics, and then slowly adding in anything else that might be +EV one at a time, in a way that I can easily roll back if I don’t like it.