Intermittent Fasting II

Published in Diet and Fitness - 1 min to read

One of the biggest reasons I have struggled with my weight so much over the years is because I don’t associate food with hunger, I associate it with emotions - boredom, sadness, celebration, whatever. In the past, when seeking to answer the question “should I eat this?”, my hunger or lack thereof has not been a part of the considerations, and similarly neither has the question “am I full?”, and in such black and white terms perhaps it is not surprising why I struggle with my relationship with food so much.

As part of trying to learn how to have a healthier balance between these two things, intermittent fasting seems to be pretty helpful, simply because it makes me hungry for a couple of hours a day, and so I can remember what that hunger actually feels like. I’m still struggling with a lot of my choices with food, but recently there have been a handful of times where I’ve caught myself and thought, “this is not the feeling I get when I’m fasting, this is something else” - whether or not I’ve proceeded to eat whatever it was I had my eye on anyway is another matter. It feels like a step in the right direction though.

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