It's Really Happening II

Published in Personal - 1 min to read

Today has been another big step towards the big city living dream becoming a reality, as I put an offer in on a flat. It was well within budget, in walking distance of both the office and a good climbing gym (where else would I want to go?), a convenient Sainsbury’s is round the corner and it’s small but cozy. Only having done a virtual viewing is obviously not ideal - what if, for example, it smells horrific on arrival - but it’s only a six month commitment, and given it ticked so many of my boxes, it seemed a risk worth taking.

I’m now horribly anxious about passing my reference check because the process doesn’t seem set up to accomodate Guernsey people, who don’t have UK bank accounts or National Insurance Numbers, but there’s nothing I can do except wait. Once that is complete, I can start planning how to turn my humble new abode into an oasis, a sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle of London; a home.

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