Last Days

Published in Career - 1 min to read

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job, the third day of its kind that I have had in my short career so far. They have all come under different circumstances; my first last day was the result of a transition to full time poker, and represented a dream come true but also the possibility of that dream shattering. The second was the indeed of months of near-unmanageable stress, and the emotions was more of a sense that the past was over than of excitement about the future. This third one comes at a time when everyone in the world is experiencing near-unmanageable stress and uncertainty, so I guess combines elements of the two. I’m not desperate to leave my current employer, nor am I taking a leap of faith into the total unknown, I am exceptionally fortunate to be able to make a change that is obviously a step up, and still be afforded a relative amount of certainty in doing so.

I don’t really feel sad, or excited, or much of anything at the moment, perhaps because of how many questions I still have over everything else in the short term future. I’ll let you know if that changes tomorrow.