Life Goals

Published in Personal - 2 mins to read

As part of trying to fill in my new Notion setup I have been trying to organise all my yearly/monthly/weekly/daily goals as being Russian dolls of one another, each having a “parent” goal. I then wanted to have all my yearly goals to be underneath some broader, overarching life goals, which I started trying to think about while I was on a train this morning… and discovered that it’s really difficult to think of multi-year, potentially multi-decade goals. There is a flavour of them that aren’t particularly quantifiable and are only able to be adjudicated on one’s death bed, like “be a net positive influence on your environment” (or something… IDK this is not going to be one of mine) and others are the opposite, for example “have a million pounds in the bank” (again, totally not one of my life goals). I think the distinction here is important, because I think it intuitively makes sense to go for the qualitative goals as it’s difficult to come up with a reasonable amount of quantitative progress to aim for over such a long period of time, but all my other goals are quantitative, and I don’t think it makes a tonne of sense for them to feed into something qualitative either.

Fortunately, my life goals obviously aren’t going to be set in stone, and I can just start with some basic ones for the purpose of this exercise and then hopefully figure it out along the way. Or at least I hope I figure it out, because right now my life goals are a little bit pathetic - any suggestions are welcome.