Lockdown Goals III: Yoga Complete

Published in Diet and Fitness - 1 min to read

Contrary to form, I have actually complete one of my goals, and did indeed manage to do some kind of yoga every day for the entirety of February. I only did a little each day, always following a Youtube video that was about 20 minutes long, so I’m certainly not a battle-hardened yogi, but I definitely got some benefit. I haven’t had any back pain despite spending 10 or so hours a day deskbound, which is frankly a godsend. It’s helped with running too, on long runs I used to get pain in my lower back and shoulders, but no more, and I’ve generally been using yoga as a warm up for running, which is potentially helping prevent some injuries. I’ve definitely gained from the meditative aspect of yoga too - I’ve never been able to develop a consistent meditation practice, but throughout my days whenever I start to feel like I am leaving the present, I’ve got a lot better at simply following my breathing, something which I’ve been doing in yoga every day.

Even if my self-imposed challenge was to do yoga every day in February, I’m definitely going to continue for now, and who knows, maybe it’ll become a bona fide habit sometime in May.

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