Lockdown Take Two

Published in COVID19 - 1 min to read

For the first time since June, Guernsey now has internal restrictions because of the ongoing pandemic. I can now only leave the house tovisit the supermarket, the pharmacy, or for exercise once per day for up to two hours. I can’t meet with anyone from a different household under any circumstances.

I know up until this point I have had it very, very good, and so I can’t complain too much, my situation could be a lot worse, and for many people it is. Hopefully even at the beginning of this lockdown, the end is already in sight, given how quickly the decision has been made to enforce the strictest possible measures. Obviously it’s the right thing to do, and while I was initially quite downbeat about the news, I’ve been trying to find as many positives as possible throughout the day. It will be difficult, but it is also an opportunity for me to practice self compassion, something I am notoriously terrible at (and largely avoid confronting).

I am full of regret about electing not to drink this month though…

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