Locked Out III

Published in Misc - 1 min to read

Yesterday I once again found myself standing outside of the flat I was meant to be sleeping in that night, with no keys and unable to get in, except this time it was my friend’s flat and he was the one who’d left his keys locked inside. Fortunately he has housemates who could let us in - unfortunately they were both in Skipton for the night, a 45 minute train ride away.

We managed to get to Skipton, hop in a taxi, find the right house (which wasn’t as easy as you might think), get the train back and get inside the flat, and all it cost us was 30 bucks and 3 hours of our lives. In a weird way I kind of enjoyed the whole thing - I love the chaos of people’s plans going drastically wrong. It was reassuring to know that it’s a mistake that anyone can make, and isn’t a reflection on me having an especially addled brain. It was most interesting to see how they handled the situation, that they retained composure, didn’t panic and wasn’t overly apologetic; not how I would’ve behaved in that situation at all.

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