Manifestos II

Published in Politics - 2 mins to read

I’m up past my bedtime, trying to sift through the remaining candidate manifestos to choose the 38 candidates most deserving of my vote tomorrow (I’ve also been writing snarky tweets about them.) Snark aside, at this late hour (the election is tomorrow) I actually somewhat regret not getting involved earlier in the process. The feeling of actually really giving rather a lot of a shit has snuck up on me, and I wish I had more time to evaluate both the issues and the candidates' respective stances on them. I also wished I’d talked about it more, got more involved with the community aspects of it - in such a small community it is a lot easier to feel like one’s voice has an impact, and given I disagree with a lot of what appears to be the general political consensus, I wish I’d challenged more people. I’d love to quiz the candidates on why some of them felt the need to omit equality or climate change from their manifestos, on why they promised increased public spending and simultaneously not to increase taxes, some on their lack of ambition and some on their overabundance of it.

It’s too late for this election, but perhaps it is a feeling worth holding on to for next time.

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