Mental Health Goals

Published in Mental Health / Personal - 2 mins to read

In the time between now and the end of the year, I don’t have any particular goals I am looking to accomplish - there are things next year, sure, but they seem too far away to focus on. I’ve felt that I need to channel the energy I usually spend pursuing whatever my objectif du jour might be into improving my mental health, and it occured to me that perhaps I need to try to think about mental health in the same way that I do, for example, running. I check Runner’s World every day, I watch YouTube videos about running pretty much every day, I open Strava every time I pick up my phone, I plan my time around when is best suited for me to go running, I am always trying to improve my sleep and nutrition to squeeze more out of my recovery and above all, I am constantly trying to get better at it, admittedly to a fault at times. What if I could do the same with mental health?

This is, perhaps as always, another half-baked idea, especially as I don’t want to quantify my mental health progress somehow, I can’t see that being helpful or healthy. But if I could redirect some of my energy, reform some of my habits and reframe some of my thinking to turn my attitude towards my own mental health to be something more like my attitude towards running, I might be on to a winner.

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