New Flat

Published in Personal - 1 min to read

In the end, my moving day turned out to be pretty successful. I managed to avoid any kind of collision while driving the van, I didn’t even stall or get honked at, comfortably surpassing my own expectations of myself in the process. Driving in London wasn’t even that bad, although admittedly that probably had a lot to do with me choosing to do all the driving on a Sunday morning.

The flat itself is a significant upgrade on the previous one; the oven actually works properly, now kitchen features include a dishwasher and a microwave, there’s a fancy rainfall shower and, perhaps most delightfully, a king size bed. There are floor to ceiling windows that make the space light, and, crucially, the area is quiet as a mouse.

The process of finding somewhere new and then moving into it was absolutely a stressful one, but now I am filled with relief. I am hopeful that I will be meaningfully happier here than in my previous place.