New Job Nerves

Published in Personal / Career - 1 min to read

It’s just two more sleeps until I finally start my new job, working as a backend engineer for Zoopla. There are quite a few things I am a little nervous about, although the prevailing emotion is still excitement. After not having worked since October, I am very much out of the 9-5 routine, and I am hoping I can slip back into it easily, but it might well be a shock. Having a lot of free time, and of course no work-related stress, has been a blessing that I have tried to make the most of in the past three months, and I think it’s quite natural to be apprehensive about giving those things up. It’s also going to be a massive change to the ways in which I am used to working; fully remote, part of one team among many, more specific technical focus, stricter agile processes, stricter code review, different tech stack… I really have no idea how I’m going to find it. It will be great to have some structure in my life again though, something to focus my energy on, and to set and work towards professional goals once more.