OCC Lottery II: Not This Year

Published in Running - 1 min to read

Unfortunately I didn’t get into the OCC, but in reality I am quite glad - attempting to run another race only slightly more than a month after the EUT would’ve been pretty stupid, and even if I had got a place, I might not have accepted it anyway. It does make me very tempted to sign up for the Ring of Steall in September as that ought to be enough recovery time, but with the new (and confusing) UTMB system for next year I might see if I can squeeze in another race that will give me “Running Stones” instead. With the new system, if you don’t win a place in the lottery then you can carry over your ballot entries to the next year, which suddenly makes the UTMB itself seem an inevitability if I were to do one or two big races a year and keep entering the lotteries for the main event… But we’ll have to see how the EUT goes first.

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