Open-Jaw Flights

Published in Travel - 1 min to read

Extracting maximum value from flights seems to be something of a dark art, and there is a whole world of airmiles, alliances and error fares to try and wrap one’s head around. Airfare pricing in general still seems completely nonsenical to me, but today I discovered the existence of so-caled “open-jaw” flights, which could prove to be an important piece of the affordable travel puzzle. For example, a direct flight from Edinburgh to NYC with Delta, one way - £1700. But a multi-city roundtrip, with the return flight from Las Vegas to London? £500 for both flights. I assume they make the one-way prices ridiculous to incentivise flying both ways on the same carrier, but still, 3.5x seems nuts.

I’m glad I’ve learned about this one small machination of the aviation industry. As I dive deeper down the rabbit hole, I’m sure I’ll provide more details of GTO flying.