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I have been a bit worried recently that the things I write here are only ever reasonably positive, and paint an unrealistic picture of my life. On the whole, I am doing well right now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things I’m struggling with, and only sharing the good and not the bad is a criticism I often levy against social media sites like Instagram. In the spirit of at least trying not to be a hypocrite, I want to at least try to get back to writing about some of the bad stuff, but there’s a fine line between honest vulnerability and whining, particularly when, like I said, a lot of my so-called problems right now could simply be solved by some perspective and re-framing. The biggest reason why I don’t really write too much negative these days is simply because of the feedback I get from it - people worry unnecessarily, I have to deal with it, I feel bad, etc etc. Maybe this is just something those people will have to leave with though, and I’ll stop pandering to it quite as much.

So, rather than do what my friends do and only ever post about their skiing holidays or their getting engaged or new cars (clearly I need new friends), some brief lowlights of 2022 so far:

I also know that all these things are, basically, totally fine and I am inventing things to struggle with at this point. But, perhaps that is just the way that it goes and I will have to accept that. Hopefully I’ll write a little more candidly about some of them in the near future.