Post Punk

Published in Music - 1 min to read

I’ve spent some time recently thinking about the kind of culture I consume and why I consume it. Some of it is pretty exclusionary - for example music I listen to, just for the sake of being able to lord it other other people that they don’t listen to the same music. It’s the worst kind of gatekeeping, and I’m trying to break myself of the shameful habit that I have developed. In doing some self-reflection on what kind of culture/music I actully enjoy for the sake of it rather than just in some pathetic attempt to feel better than other people, I realised that the genre that sticks out more than any other is post punk.

It is a great time to be a post punk fan, doubly so a British one. There are so many creative, unique bands popping up, and I love the way that they make me feel - alive, powerful, electric. I truly love post punk music, and I hope it gains more mainstream traction than it already has.