Procrastinanxiety II

Published in Wellbeing / Mental Health - 1 min to read

There are two huge upsides to procrastination, which I think are the main reasons I do it. Firstly, is it allows you to complete tasks very efficiently - if you do them at the last minute, the sense of anxiety the impending deadline instills in you allows you to focus intensely on the problem at hand, because you simply have no other choice. Doing so means that once started, the work will get done quickly. Secondly is the sheer sense of relief that comes when something has finally been done, after some period of time of being put off. Admittedly it’s proportional to the accumulated stress incurred before the task’s completion, but still, I love that feeling - it’s like a weight off my shoulders. For a day or two afterwards, I feel like I could accomplish anything.

Anyway today I finally sent off my National Insurance Number application, something I should’ve done two months ago.