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One of my biggest fears about moving was that I’d get really anxious about trying anything new such that I won’t feel able to do so, or if I was, it’d require so much mental energy I’d be constantly exhausted. I’m happy to report that so far this hasn’t particularly been the case, and I’ve actually surprised myself with how easily I’ve been able to go into new and unknown, unpredictable situations - the kind which historically I have really struggled with. I have felt some amount of anxiety around new things, particularly around things that aren’t very exciting (like trips to Argos and Tesco), that lend themselves to a kind of procrastinanxiety, where I will eventually get them done but only after I’ve scrolled Instagram for a solid hour first. When I moved I made a promise myself to say “yes” to everything (or at least as much as possible) which sounds exciting but in reality I think means conquering a lot of these much more mundane moments. In the past few days I’ve been struck by the feeling that if I want or need to do something in the future, or if I like the idea of doing something, but don’t feel like doing it right now, those are the times when it’s imperative that I do in fact get it done immediately, lest I find myself on a slippery slope to sloth.

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