Quarantine Day 4

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It’s my fourth day of having covid, and as much as I would like to write about something else, my brain isn’t working well enough for that. Fortunately I now have potentially only two days of having to be inside 24/7, before I might be able to at least go outside and, crucially, run even if I am legally forbidden from entering pubs or restaurants. I’ve at least had the World Rapid Chess Championships to keep me company today, as well as tearing through new Korean Netflix sci-fi horror thriller The Silent Sea at an alarming pace.

I am trying to take some comfort in a piece of wisdom given to me by my first therapist over ten years ago: when you don’t have toothache, you don’t think about your teeth. When you do have toothache, all you can think about is how much your teeth hurt. When you stop having toothache, all you can think about is how grateful you are your teeth don’t hurt.