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After months of being dead weight at the Wayside Cheer pub quiz back in Guernsey, I have recently found a new team of people who are distinctly closer to my own quizzing ability as well as a couple of quizzes where the average age of participants is also distinctly closer to my own. After an initial succesful outing at the end of last year where we bagged 3rd place and £20 (£4 a head, £2 net profit each after having paid our entry fee), this week we went two better and binked the whole quiz after a dubious tie break question: how long was the Berlin Wall? In the three way tiebreak our rival teams' nominees said 5 miles and 8 miles, so even though our de facto captain’s answer of 25 miles was still embarrassingly far away from the actual answer of 90 miles, it was good enough for us to ship first place and the £50 bar tab prize.

Obviously it was mostly about the glory though. It was a lot of fun and felt good to be able to meaningfully contribute to the team for a change. Plus it turns out one of my teammates was on University Challenge back in the day, which might go some way to explaining our current success.