Reflecting On: Gambling and Catharsis

Published in Poker and Gambling / Blogging - 2 mins to read

When I first started this blog, it was solely to win a bet. The idea behind our blog-a-day last longer was in part that we could go back and read our old blogs, and see how our ideas had changed and how we'd grown as people.

I totally won the bet.

But recently, I have come to see the value in reflecting on some of my old posts, which was the motivation for the bet itself. So I wanted to write some posts where I revisit old writing, ideas, outlooks on life. These are obviously all relatively recent (unless I can dig out some old bits and pieces off since-deleted social media or similar), but I am surprised at some of the things I wrote mere months ago.

Where better to start then with the first post on this blog, Gambling and Catharsis, posted on 16th October 2017, a little over a year ago now.

There isn't much that I say in that post that I haven't already said in this one, but the one thing that stands out to me is that I still obviously consider myself a poker player/gambler at the time. There is still hope there that I will make it work and be successful in that arena, which I have since abandoned. I'm not sure if it was naïveté, if I was putting on a front, if I knew I was doomed already or what. It's tough to say whether or not I miss that feeling, or want it back, or wish I was still playing poker, if I could swap my current "career" for another shot at it, if I wish I had had more success with the game.

Either way - I learned a lot, about myself, about the world, and about life.