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I’m taking an exam first thing on Monday morning - an actual, sit-down, online proctored, somewhat serious exam. I mean, it’s not desperately serious, because it’s multi choice, but still, if I pass then I’ll be an AWS Certified Cloud Practicioner which sounds far more impressive than it actually is.

I’m not sure the last time I took an exam like this, it may well have been my first year uni exams back in 2014. In those I barely scraped a pass, but fortunately in this one, barely scraping a pass is just as good as getting full marks. I’ve spent most of the last several years assuming I would never have to do an exam again, which means I’d also assumed I’d never have to do any revision ever again, yet here we are. I am remembering all over again the singular feeling I had whenever I attempted to revise in the past; an all-consuming urge to procrastinate. I still have no idea how to quell it.

The good news at least is that my flat is now really clean, after a prolonged episode of procrastidying.