Running in the Dark

Published in Diet and Fitness / Wellbeing - 1 min to read

In an attempt to get back into the 9-5 mindset before starting work again on Monday, I’ve been trying to get up earlier this week and do some exercise before heading to the office. I don’t think I’ve gone running first thing in total darkness since around this time last year, and that’s because it’s grim. My body hasn’t woken up yet and moves very slowly, it’s cold, and I dearly miss my bed.

It is peaceful though, to have the lanes and streets largely to myself, and to only be able to see as far in front of me as my headtorch beam stretches. Despite running a very familiar loop, it’s different in the dark, and with fewer visual distractions, there’s even less to distract me from my thoughts, which is both good and bad.

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