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I still can’t shake the feeling that labelling a post as a music review is unbearably pretentious, which is why I haven’t done any recently, but yesterday Lingua Ignota’s new album, SINNER GET READY, was released and I couldn’t not write about it. Lingua Ignota is the pseudonym of Kristin Hayter, and her music is very hard to describe. She is an abuse survivor, and much of her work centres around those experiences, combining both powerful lyrics and powerful orchestrations into something unique. She’s a classically trained vocallist and has an incredible vibrato, but just as often balances that out with visceral screams, and on SINNER GET READY organ melodies are juxtaposed with detuned guitars and a slew of industrial noise.

The record focuses on Christian indoctrination, admittedly not something that especially resonates with me, but I still adored it. I had chills while listening to most of it, and found the whole thing profoundly cathartic. One of the reasons that I think this album is so great is that there’s no way anybody could listen to it and feel apathy - it is guaranteed to elicit some kind of emotion, even if that emotion is deep discomfort. SINNER GET READY is a masterpiece.

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