Six Months in London

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Today marks six months since I moved to London, and I am slowly settling in. It still feels strange to wonder around, look up at the tall buildings and realise that I live here rather than am simply visiting on holiday, but maybe anywhere that isn’t by the sea will always struggle to feel like home.

I’ve largely done more of the same things that I wrote about doing when I wrote about having been here for month; I’ve been to Brighton more, eaten more takeaways (although less frequently now than upon first arrival), acquired more tattoos and even been dating someone for a few months now. Working from our fancy office is still great, and I usually head in 4x a week, and now we have more regular in person socials and I have got to know my colleagues even better, to the point that I’d now consider some of them friends. I’ve been floating plenty, and between that and running I’ve been able to cope with the stresses that come with the big city. I finally got WiFi in my flat, after over two months. I’ve been to a festival and some gigs, I no longer notice the toxic air and I’ve gotten used to paying £6 for a pint.

I’m moving next week and I’m excited; my new flat will be an upgrade, and the area I’m moving to will put my closer to some of my friends. I’m hoping I can get in with really settling into London, making it a place that really feels like home and where I can thrive in, by which I mean I’m determined to finally get around to buying some houseplants. I’ve made the leap to the big city, I’ve learned where all the important things are and found my feet, and now it’s time to make the most of the experience, to get everything I want out of living here before somewhere cheaper and nearer the ocean inevitably takes my fancy.

And of course, there is the upcoming winter, that I am mildly apprehensive about. Given I historically struggle more in the winter, London could exacerbate that, and it is already cold and dark. But I think I’ve done as much as I can to prepare myself well for the upcoming few months, and if I can make it to March then I think the city will be my oyster.

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