Some More Thoughts About Weight Loss IV

Published in Diet and Fitness - 1 min to read

I track my calories very on and off, usually managing to stick with it for a couple of months before being too ashamed to log a particular meal and then falling off the wagon. Today I started trying to get back into the habit, for the however-manyth time.

I’ve never really put any effort into how in dress, and I’m privileged enough that that’s never been a problem for me. I’ve always told myself that I’ll invest in wardrobe upgrades “once I lose weight”, and surprise surprise, I’ve never reached whatever magical figure I tell myself will lead me to take an interest in fashion. I decided I finally ought to buy a pair of jeans that fit, and I did. There were a size smaller than all the other jeans I have, but they fit much better. Fitting into smaller clothing is a very good feeling.