The Cookie Disaster

Published in Misc - 1 min to read

Last night I tried to make cookies, in lieu of having the equipment to bake much else with. The dough turned out great, I was fairly diligent about measuring and mixing all the ingredients properly, I adhered to the recipe and let it rest in my fridge for a couple of hours before attempting to cook them. Which, of course, is where it all went wrong. I blame my oven, which heats to a much higher temperature then whatever you turn the dial too, meaning a huge amount of guesswork is involved in using it. Anyway, I burned the cookies, set the fire alarm off, and burned my hand too in the process.

It was obviously frustrating to put all that effort in with nothing to show for it, but hopefully it’s the thought that counts. Instead the person who’s birthday it is today will be getting a fresh batch of cookie dough and a set of instructions on how to bake it in their own, less aggravating oven.