The Laughing Sea II

Published in Misc - 1 min to read

I was determined to have one final dip in the sea before I left for London. Taking a dip in the Thames doesn’t quite have the same appeal. I love being near the sea, and looking wistfully out over it, but being in it is another matter… to be honest, I only ever really go in the sea for the sake of it. Everyone always says it’s great for your mental health, and I guess I quite like the mind-over-matter challenge of getting my head under, even when a big part of me really doesn’t want to. And obviously sometimes I’m just doing it for the ‘gram, because aren’t we all.

After my final Guernsey parkrun this morning seemed like the perfect opportunity. The cold water is always far more palatable after I feel hot from a run, and I thought it’d be good for my now shot muscles. I got in to my waist without too much difficulty, and then spend a good few minutes pep talking myself into cranial submersion. It was, I guess we shall say, invigorating.

The sea was definitely laughing at me. But I’m going to miss it, a lot.

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