The Louis Cole Big Band

Published in Music - 2 mins to read

Last night I went to go see Louis Cole and his big band at Evolutionary Arts Hackney, broadening my gig-going comfort zone by seeing a jazz-funk ensemble for a change. I’m glad I did as they were absolutely phenomenal.

Despite the fact that I would consider him “internet famous”, Cole still attracted a big crowd, and one that seemed pretty much devoid of zoomers, which is always a bonus. Their reaction to Genieve Artadi’s experimental pop warm-up act was muted at best (although I quite enjoyed it) but when the headline act started, the whole crowd was immediately enthralled and elated. The vibe was a great one, much like Metronomy everyone was out to have a good time, and the band lived up to our collective expectations. The horn section was incredible, with tight, slick, brash solos from each member, including the piccoloist, which wasn’t something I’d seen in this kind of band before. Louis himself is a remarkable funk keyboard player but transcendent drummer, and every time he moved towards his kit the whole crowd would whoop in anticipation. The rhythms he comes up with and seems to play so effortlessly are infectious in a way that I can’t figure out, and I’ve never heard anyone play quite like him.

Overall it was a great night, and I’m glad I’m getting to explore more of London’s live music scene. The next band I have tickets to see is Alestorm who are notorious for being wholly unable to play their instruments live, but at least they’ll be a laugh.