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I’ve been having a play with TWINT today and it is SO much fun. Despite the fact that I think it sounds a little bit like it ought to be some kind of problematic or derogatory term for something, it’s provided me far more enjoyment than any Python library that has come before it.

Out of the box it lets you scrape tweets (without using the official API) straight from your CLI. You can, for example, have it retrieve every tweet from a user that predates a specific year - although it turns out that my friends find it pretty embarrassing when I dig out some of their golden 140 character nuggets circa 2013. You can also search for specific words, tweets from specific latlongs, only tweets from verified users, followers, who a user is following, liked tweets, retweets, the works…. it really is a goldmine.

Automating all this stuff is going to be incredible. I can’t wait.

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