Underneath Review

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On Friday Code Orange’s new record ‘Underneath’ dropped, their third under their present moniker and the followup to their 2017 critically-acclaimed ‘Forever’. The band’s hardcore punk roots have gradually bled into heavier and heavier territory, and Underneath is fairly undeniably a metalcore record. The new album makes greater use of Reba Myers' impressive clean vocals while still showcasing that Jami Morgan has put a lot of work into his own growls. The blend their eclectic influences with their signature sound and a healthy dose of experimentation leaving an album that both sounds unique and takes a lot of risks - which all pay off in spades. The record is a triumph, a successful evolution of the bands' sound which forges into new artistic ground without alienating their own fans, a feat that few musicians seem to achieve these days (it reminds me a lot of how I feel like Slipknot’s post All Hope Is Gone discography should sound).

Already a very serious contender for album of the year, well worth a listen if you like distorted guitars, double kick bass drums and screaming. 8.5/10.

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