Valentine's Day II

Published in Personal - 2 mins to read

Valentine’s Day is not my favourite day of the year. Actually, it’s a pretty serious contender for my least favourite. I’m at the “what’s wrong with me?” stage of being single, and I have a decent list of possible answers, all of which are pretty damning. This year at least I saw it an opportunity to try to practice some self compassion and self care, which has made it a lot more tolerable than I’d feared it might be.

My V-Day present to myself was to clean my mechnical keyboard, which is a pretty involved process for anyone who’s not done it before. Using it all fresh and bright today has made me happy, especially given how much of my time I usually spend using it, it’s nice to feel like there aren’t a multitude of diseases lurking below the keycaps. I went for a long run this morning, making myself go slowly to try and enjoy it, and take in the sea and scenery around me. I’ve barely been on the internet all day - all I’ve done is upload my run to Strava and I will check this blog publishes successfully, but other than that it’s been aeroplane mode all day. I haven’t done any work or anything else I’d consider productive, other than writing this and in my journal. I’ve spent all my free time playing video games, and I had sushi and jelly snakes for lunch, with pizza for dinner.

The digital detox aspect of this all has been really nice, and maybe something that I’m not just going to save for special occasions in the future. Overall, today was manageable, although I’ll still be excited when it’s over.

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