Voice Notes

Published in Misc - 1 min to read

I remember when I first moved to Mexico and discovered that people who aren’t from the UK do this weird thing where they send each other voice notes like barbarians rather than just texting each other like civilized members of society. I found the practice bizarre - where texting had been so comfortable, why make yourself so vulnerable by infusing your voice into something so trivial? There’s so much more information in a voice note than a text message, you get access to far more of my emotional state than I have control over by simply choosing what words to put in what order. In short, you wouldn’t catch me dead sending you a voice note.

Obviously, I did a complete u-turn and voice notes are now my absolute favourite. I love being able to hear the voice of one of my friends rather than hear my brain’s approximation of it when I read their messages, and that’s doubly true for my friends in far-flung places. The British preference for texting is the true barbarism here.