What it Means to be a Man XII: In Conclusion

Published in Feminism - 1 min to read

Good news - this is the last part of the series! For now at least. I promise tomorrow I will actually write about something completely different.

So, after two weeks of thinking and writing, I’ve found 10 potential hills to die on. I know they still need work so I’m not 100% ready to commit to them yet, but they seem like a good starting point nonetheless. They are;

They all need work, some of them more than others. Some are typical, obvious traits, but I think at least a couple have slightly more nuance in my mind as to how I think they should be embodied in a person. The hope is that by having a written list of qualities to aim for, that will make it easier for me to conduct myself in such a way as to attain them, and in the process build my self-esteem.

It’s undoubtedly not going to be as easy as that, but hey, I’ve gotta start somewhere.

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