When Was The Last Time You Just Listened?

Published in Music - 1 min to read

Today at work someone asked “when was the last time you just sat and listened to music, without doing anything else?”. Most people didn’t really have an answer despite loving music (the last time I did was when I sat on the floor in my bedroom in the dark and listened to an entire Julien Baker album but that’s a different story, and not one I fancied sharing with my colleagues), and 95% of the time music is a secondary thing for me, even though I would describe it as a primary love of mine. I think the idea of meditation scares a lot of people (and it scares me too) - to sit still and only hear your thoughts for a few minutes goes against so much of the way we are programmed. But to sit still and only listen to music seems a whole lot less terrifying, with maybe some of the same upside on offer.