Window Shopping for Flats

Published in Misc - 1 min to read

Alarmingly, I will be moving to the UK in just 3 months time, and I’m sure it’s going to fly by. I’ve been telling myself that I’m not going to start getting stressed about it or seriously making any plans until next month, but I have already started taking an early look at flats in London. Given that I now work for Zoopla, it’s a good opportunity to get familiar with the public portal, and obviously everyone loves having a nose around other people’s homes, even if it’s in the slightly sterile form of on an agency website.

There are a lot of places that look great, are in a perfect location and that I can afford. Despite the pandemic, the whole exercise has made me very, very excited for the move, and I think I will repeat it as a form of quarantine self care for the next couple of months.