Writing Up Old Ideas XII: Round 1 Conclusion

Published in Blogging - 2 mins to read

After ten days of writing up my old ideas, chosen from a Trello list that’s old enough to go to school with the help of a random number generator, I have realised that there are two main reasons that I haven’t previously made posts on these topics. Firstly, they are something intimate and personal; they require me to be vulnerable, I’m scared to do that, I want to think about it more or learn more about it. Second, they are just not very good ideas. You can decide for yourselves how the previous 10 days of posts fall into those categories.

I’ve really enjoyed the exercise - it got me out of my comfort zone, and I’m actually pretty happy with how a couple of them turned out. I did a decent job of getting some of the trickier ones out of the way first, and I don’t think I especially phoned it in on any of the days - in fact the one I feel like I put least effort into was yesterday’s about food, and that was because when I came to write about it, I realised how incoherent my own thoughts on the subject are. And nobody deserves to be subjected to that kind of trash.

If I ever find myself in a blogging rut in the future, I think I’ll repeat the pick-from-a-hat theme again, although I am also going to try to whittle down the least even further, now I have a better feel for what might just not be good enough as an idea. I can’t promise that some mediocre musings won’t slip through the net and find their way onto your screens though.

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