Writing Up Old Ideas

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I have a Trello list of ideas for blog posts that I’ve had since 2018, and even after much pruning of the list and posting of blogs, there are still some cards in it that’re almost 3 years old. I really want to force myself to at least make a dent in it, because past a certain point maintaining the list will be unmanageable and pointless, and perhaps I’m already there. As part of the migration I cut down the list a lot, from ~250 ideas down to ~160, which is still far too many. Some of the cards are time-based for things I want to write about in the future that haven’t yet, but I’ve numbered the rest of them from 1 to 152. I’m going to use a randon number generator to pick 10 of them, and for the next 10 days I’ll write a blog about that idea, whatever it may be. Some of them are incredibly broad topics, and some are very niche. Some I definitely want to spend more time on than others, so I’m not going to restrict myself to doing them in a specific order; I’ll pick 10 now, and then do the ones deserving of the most care and attention at the weekends. Without further a day, here is what you have to look forward to for the next 10 days on the blog, courtesy of randomnumbergenerator.com:

Obviously “death” and “money” could be quite far-ranging, and for those two cards I didn’t even leave myself any further notes, it was literally just a one word idea. Jealousy could also be a juicy one, and writing about some of the problems I perceive with living in Guernsey feels timely given my imminent departure. And I hope you’re all excited for my forthcoming rant about TV ads.

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