2021 Goals III

Published in Personal - 1 min to read

As we near the end of Q3, I am happy to report that I’ve either already completed, or am on track for, most of my 2021 goals. I’ve run not one, but two marathons, I’ve read a tonne of books, I am fairly comfortable with Golang, and am keeping pace with both the blogging and the journalling. Now I’m in London and have access to a variety of different gyms, climbing a V5 in one seems like it’s not such a helpful goal anymore, as a V5 in one gym might be a V2 or a V8 elsewhere. After next month I will have completed the next goal I set myself for this year; to get the qualification points for the OCC. Which means I need a new set of goals and things to work towards, but I haven’t entirely decided what yet… I think the process of doing so is going to be a lot of fun though. Perhaps it’ll give me something to mull over when I’m grinding out the trail ultras in a few short weeks time.

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