AWS Certified

Published in Career - 2 mins to read

First thing this morning I took my AWS Certified Cloud Practicioner exam and, fortunately, I passed. I suspect I really nearly didn’t though, as it was quite a bad harder than I’d anticipated, particularly as I’d been quite blas√© about revision. Even though I’d finished the preparatory course all the way back in February and was only now getting round to taking the exam, the certification is only the foundational one, and all the questions are multiple choice, so I had arrogantly assumed I’d breeze through it. Fortunately I had taken pretty good notes from 6 months ago, and between a couple of rereads of those and the hands-on AWS experience I now have, it was apparently enough to get the required score.

Getting the certification is more a relief at this point than anything. I learned a fair bit in the process of doing it, but it remains to be seen whether there is much benefit to be had from having my knowledge officially recognised, or if my time would’ve been better spent focusing wholly on practical experience. If the former turns out to be true then I’ll certainly look to get the next level up, the Certified Cloud Developer (Associate), but this time I’ll give preparation and revision the respect that they deserve.