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After having done so much Advent of Code, I realised that while I am very bad at algorithms, I should at least give myself credit for knowing more than nothing about them, despite my lack of formal computer science education. Given I have quite a lot of free time over the next couple of weeks, and quite a high desire to write code, I want to see how quickly I can get to being passable at data structures and algorithms.

I am hoping that I can get through some of the basics fairly quickly after brushing up on my complexity analysis. Fortunately I think I’m already fairly familiar with some parts of the topic, like logs, recursion and sliding window algorithms, but others will require a lot more work, like tree and graph traversal, sorting algorithms and dynamic programming. Fortunately there are hundreds of amazing, free resources like freeCodeCamp and Leetcode that make learning and practicing this stuff incredibly easy.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll at least be able to reverse a linked list.