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When I thought about coming back to Guernsey for Christmas, I held in my head visions of a week of running by the sea, doing yoga every day and smashing out a couple of books. Of course, instead, I am sick.

Fortunately it doesn’t appear to be covid, but after having spent very little time in close proximity to anyone other than my partner for the past couple of weeks, and then going through one of the biggest airports in the country, perhaps it was inevitable I was going to get something. So instead, I have been in bed all day, watching Superstore, which is about the only thing my brain can handle right now.

I am trying to stay positive, and see the good sides to the situation. Once I can run again, my legs will be super fresh from having a few days off. I will appreciate my health all the more once I’m back to 100%. And at least here I have someone to cook all my meals for me.