Another Three Things To Be Grateful For II

Published in Wellbeing - 1 min to read

At some point I will write about something else, I promise. But for now I think it is quite nice to have a public gratitude journal - making myself write something positive feels like it is doing me some good.

  1. ASMR, even if everyone thinks it’s weird and I’m still gently ashamed of it, it is so relaxing in a way in which litte else compares.

  2. Angry music, for when it’s not socially acceptable to shout at someone or something, but you need to get it out somehow.

  3. Windows Notepad. I dislike a lot of things about Windows, and the amount of bloat it comes with is probably the primary culprit, but the ultra lightweight nature of Notepad more than redeems the fact that I never had to install it. I have come to love no-frills text editors, frequently writing these blogs in nano, but the fact I can just have a handful of Notepad documents open at once, essentially as post-it notes without one of those dumb post-it note apps, brings me so much joy. It’s stood the test of time, because if it ain’t broke then why fix it.