Another Three Things To Be Grateful For III

Published in Wellbeing - 2 mins to read

I promise at some point I’ll write an actual post about something else - maybe at the weekend. Until then you are stuck with another one of these.

  1. Cooking a bad meal. Making something that, while edible, is certainly not enjoyable to eat sucks, but in a very manageable way. It’s a small failure that you can use to learn how to accept larger, more meaningful failures, and how to adapt your process next time in order to achieve a better result.

  2. Eating a good meal, that someone else cooked. I dearly, dearly miss my beloved Bao, but in its prolonged absence, at least other eateries in Guernsey are now open and willing to let me throw money at them. Given that, as mentioned above, my own cooking frequently leaves something to be desired, Fat Rascal’s chickpea burger really hit the spot today.

  3. Google Lighthouse. OK so obviously Google are the enemy, the embodiment of all that is evil in the tech world, and I hate them, buuuut Lighthouse is just so good? And obviously part of its success is that it’s baked into Chrome, something it’s rivals obviously can’t match, but still. To quickly get a quantifiable analysis across multiple metrics with actionable steps to improve each one? It’s a thing of beauty.